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Willoughby Avenue, Publisher & Digital Agency, and the owner of KOLUMN Magazine, will soon launch a new print publication, KINDR’D. Published semi-annually (Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall) KINDR’D will feature the Travel, Art & Cultural experiences of People of Color globally.

What is KINDR’D looking for?

We will share original & authentic stories.
The best way to answer that question is to read published articles on the KINDR’D website. There, you will find that we tend to gravitate towards stories about first-person experiences. We are not interested in op-ed material, fiction, or literary manuscripts.

KINDR’D writers are expected to adhere to the commonly understood principles of journalistic ethics: They must refrain from covering subject matter that could present a conflict of interest, may not accept gifts from sources and must report stories accurately and fairly. Although we encourage creative writing approaches, our writers generally adhere to the Associated Press Stylebook. The use of unnamed sources is discouraged and must receive an editor’s approval. Writers must be prepared to provide full documentation so that their stories can be fact-checked.

We want stories of the highest quality.
Cover stories (1,500-3,000 words) that are well researched, well written, fresh and impossible to ignore. We want writers to explore the very personal nature of subjects. We want contributions that compel readers to pick up KINDR’D every day, with the full expectation of sharing meaningful stories. The strongest covers share a moving tale. Submitted articles may be a summary-chronology of travel, art and cultural experiences with historic context; features about cultural or artistic trends that interest our target audience; or profiles about fascinating People of Color. We are not interested in exhaustive overviews, but we do want narratives about individuals that dramatically illustrate the big picture. We want writers to use multiple sources and, if necessary, documents and other public records to get a full-bodied understanding of their subject.

Inside features on the arts, music, movies, travel and news (600-1,200 words). We want informative stories in both the arts and in news-stories that others haven’t done yet, but still will interest a lot of people-stories about fresh faces, new groups, styles or trends; and unique or important events and issues. We strongly emphasize stories that dig to the heart of the matter and speak candidly to our readers. The articles must be well researched, well written, with particular attention given to prose, story flow and maintaining the interest of our readers. Generally, we do not accept single-source stories. Look closely at each section of the paper to guide your queries.

Reviews on the arts, music, restaurants and movies (400-800 words). Reviewers must demonstrate superior knowledge of their subject and be willing to offer criticism where it is due, but their work also must be fair and accurate. They should be adept at using wit and wordplay to express their points.

How should I submit a query letter for an article?

Email Inquiries only
Send an email proposing your story idea or ideas to our Editors at, explaining what you plan to cover and how you will proceed with the reporting. The query should convey your approach and style, and should describe your specific qualifications to write on the topic.

If you haven’t written for KINDR’D before, please include samples of previously published articles and a resume.

How long does it take you to consider a story pitch?

We’ll try our very best to get back to you within a week. If you don’t hear from us, try emailing again.

The big question… Compensation.

Our pay varies according the article and reflects a Minimum Market Rate of $0.40 per word. Payments are satisfied two weeks after publication. No invoice is necessary. We buy first print and electronic rights, and the right to archive online. Writers must tell us if they’re working on or have published similar material elsewhere. Writers must obtain special permission to resell work performed for KINDR’D. We do not offer kill fees for solicited articles.

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